sweat it out 做高强度的运动锻炼

woman in black tank top and black shorts doing yoga during daytime

动词 “sweat” 的意思是 “流汗”,而包含 “sweat” 的表达 “sweat it out” 的意思是 “做高强度的运动锻炼身体”,这种运动锻炼往往让人 “挥汗如雨”。“Sweat it out” 多用在非正式的口语交流中。

My boyfriend used to hate exercise, but now he really likes to sweat it out in the gym for a few hours a week.

Thousands of people sweat it out at the London Marathon every year.

My friend and I tried a new dance class last night – we really sweated it out! It was so hard!

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