H&M 碰瓷新疆棉花遭抵制

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国际时装零售巨头 H&M 集团在网站发布的一份声明引发关注。声明称 “H&M 集团深切关注对新疆维吾尔自治区强迫劳动和歧视少数民族宗教的指控”,决定 “不与位于新疆的任何服装制造工厂合作,也不从该地区采购产品/原材料”。

Chinese netizens call for fashion retailer H&M "get out of Chinese market" after it came to light that the company said it has prohibited any type of "forced labor" in its supply chain in Xinjiang, citing so called human right concerns.
中国网友呼吁时尚零售商 H&M“退出中国市场”,此前该公司以所谓的人权问题为由,表示在新疆的供应链中禁止任何形式的 “强迫劳动”。

In the statement, H&M wrote:
H&M 集团在这份声明中写道:

We do not work with any garment manufacturing factories located in XUAR, and we do not source products from this region.

H&M made the decision because it said it had joined BCI's Better Cotton Initiative.
H&M 作出该项决定,自称因其已经加入 BCI“更好棉花倡议”。

BCI, a global nonprofit organization, announced in October last year that it was suspending all its field activities in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to promote false allegations against the region.
BCI 据查是一个全球性非营利组织,该组织在去年 10 月份发布公告称,停止其中国新疆维吾尔自治区所有实地活动,为针对新疆的不实指控造势。

The statement by the H&M Group sparked outrage online: "I will never buy H&M again."
H&M 集团的这份声明引发网友愤怒:再也不买 H&M。

The statement is no longer available on H&M's website, but a PDF of the statement is still available on the website.
目前,H&M 官网上已找不到该声明网页,但声明的 PDF 文件仍然可在官网搜到。

HM Group's statement caused public anger and was boycotted by the whole network. Currently, many e-commerce platforms in China have removed HM's related products, and many artists have terminated their cooperation.
HM 集团发布的声明引发众怒,遭全网抵制,目前国内多个电商平台已下架 HM 相关产品,多位艺人发声终止合作。

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